Welcome to Global Land Investments

          Global Land Investments is the property sales leader. We are a nationwide promotional marketing company that will market your property to its highest potential for the best return on your investment. Why spend thousands on realtors with iron-clad contracts that don't allow you to sell? We don't require a signed contract and never take a commission. We are a flat-fee marketing and advertising service. We market vacant land, condos, houses, and commercial buildings. We charge a one-time marketing fee. Your property is guaranteed to advertise until it sells. Your marketing and advertisement tools include, but are not limited to, color photos, full description of property, contact information, free market analysis, dinner show presentations, and contract and title service assistance. Click FAQ to learn more about the services we provide and our marketing techniques. We also provide you with contracts for sales/purchases, property appraiser links, lists of title companies, and current news about the real estate market.